Is your boiler happy and ready for winter?

Friday, August 09, 2013

Here in Britain  don’t we just love talking about the weather!  When the sun comes out its too hot, when  the winds and the rain arrive its too cold or too wet.  I’ll bet your bottom dollar that when it comes up in conversation about being a lovely day one or the other person will even say “ah yes, but it wont last you know”!

For a nation obsessed with the weather we are very poor at planning for it even though we know full well that it is going to change.  As I write this in August we are in the middle of a hot spell yet in less than 20 weeks it will be Christmas, it will most probably be wet and damp with freezing temperatures and the possibility of snow.  When that first cold spell starts drifting in what do we do?  We start to turn on our boilers, up the thermostats and expect our central heating to kick in instantly to warm us up.

The trouble is, boilers in some respects are a little like us; if we sit around for days on end not moving or doing anything then especially as we get older our muscles get weaker.  We find it hard to get  up and get going, a massage may help, you may need to take a supplement  to help your joints to get moving again, you may find you need to visit the doctor to have a health check before things get back to normal .  Now think of your old boiler.  You probably switched it of during the hot spell in July.  It has not had to work for months and is really enjoying being lazy with nothing to do, come the end of October when it starts to get chilly you light the pilot light and with a ‘phhht’ it blows itself out.   After several attempts you eventually get it going and the warm water starts to flow around your central heating system but what’s that awful noise that sounds like a gurgling giant?  And why are the radiators not getting very hot when you have turned the room stat up to at least 300c?   Well what do you know you – the pilot light is full of dust and grime, your system has  an air block and there is probably so much dirty sludgy water in the radiators the water that is getting around the pipes is struggling to get through the sludge.   Shivering and with the other half nagging because they are cold you ring your local gas central heating engineer “sorry” they say “we have had a rush of callouts with boiler breakdowns you will have to wait”.

What if you had contacted them earlier in the year?  When you were sitting in that lovely August/September sunshine feeling lovely and cosy, what if then you had thought I want to be this comfy-cosy come winter and so I will!  My old boiler worked so hard for me last year I really should give it a treat and get it serviced, maybe  have the water system flushed to clean out all that sludge and give the whole system an MOT  then I know it will be in fine fettle and ready to serve me for another hard winter. 

Guess what, in the summer months your local gas central heating engineer wont be snowed under with boiler breakdowns and would be happy to service your boiler for a less expensive rate than an emergency call out.  Your boiler will be happy, your other half will be happy and you will be happy knowing your boiler is working efficiently and saving you money which will keep the bank manager happy!