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Dualflo Water Softener

Solaflair supply and install the Dualflo Water Softener.
The Dualflo is  manufactured in the UK by Harvey Water Softeners and designed specifically for British plumbing systems.

Benefits of using a Dualflo Water Softener:

  • Immediate savings on heating energy
  • Cuts down on repair, replacement and maintenance of pipes and appliances
  • Puts the sparkle back into baths, sinks, showers, crockery and glassware
  • No more blocked shower heads, scum rings in the bath or furred kettles
  • Acts as a natural conditioner on fibres as well as your own hair and skin
  • Gives rich lather from very little soap, and crystal clear water for rinsing
  • Saves on washing machine and dishwasher chemicals
  • 2 year manufacturers guarantee
  • No servicing required

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How It Works

Hard water pumped into your home passes through a bed of resin crystal beads in the unit which capture the lime scale and minerals by an ionising process. When the beads become exhausted, they need to be regenerated by flushing through a salt water solution. Because of its technologically advanced design and unique features, Dualflo has more efficient operation than conventional models, which makes it the best performer on the market.

See the difference

Scaled Shower Head    Clean Shower Head

Scaled Water Cylinder  Clean Water Cylinder

Would your household benefit from installing a Dualflo Water Softener?

Use this WATER QUALITY CHECK TOOL at Thames Water to discover the hardness of the water in your area and decide for yourself.  
If you are in Oxfordshire or surrounding counties remember to ask Solaflair for a free, no obligation demonstration in your own home.

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