A couple of months ago Rob of Solaflair installed a Solar Thermal system on my home in Didcot. I've been HUGELY impressed so far with it's performance. In those 2 months I've not yet turned the boiler on once to heat the water, and this was particularly impressive on cloudy days when the system continues to work reasonably well.  Right at this moment on an October day my hot water tank is 50 degs C! Rob has been excellent throughout. Very knowledgeable, positive, and patient at explaining how to operate the system (important for non-techies like me).... and very approachable whenever I've sought advice. I'm certain the system will prove to be excellent value for money, and I hope others will also reduce their carbon footprint and energy bills by joining the solar thermal club! THANKS Solaflair  ;-)

–  A Simpson, Didcot

Our new Solaflair installed Solar PV system has now been operational for 6 months, and it's been superb - requiring no effort whatsoever as it happily generates electricity for us every day.
The sales approach was not at all pressurised, the installation was quick, with each step well communicated in advance.
The follow-up service was also excellent as step by step instructions were given to ensure the process of claiming the Government FITS incentive was very easy indeed. The service was friendly and they were prompt with any queries I had. 
The system has so far generated 5% more electricity than we expected from the original prediction provided which is really good news. Thanks again...

– Anthony Simpson, Didcot

The day after Rob came to survey for solar PV panels, we received an acceptable quote from Solaflair. Just over two weeks later the job was started. Two days later all was completed, to our great satisfaction. It was a speedy, seamless process from start to finish and we can highly recommend Solaflair. Everything was handled well, everyone was pleasant and helpful. Lin kept us informed, the scaffolders and electrician worked efficiently and Rob and his son put up the panels on a bitterly cold November day, sustained only by coffee and chocolate biscuits. Rob and Lin also helped with filling in the rather daunting-looking Feed-in-Tarriff form. Even in the depth of winter we have been generating electricity - how exciting.

– B & L Welters, Bicester

There can be little to rival the satisfaction of showering in sunshine! We are delighted with the abundant hot water produced by our panel and impressed by the good humour of the installer who had to struggle to fit everything into a very small cupboard!

– C Hawksworth, Oxon

Living in the Scottish highlands I was a bit sceptical on how the solar panel would perform but I am very happy and amazed at how well it works and the amount of hot water produced even on slightly cloudy days; my heating bill for hot water has definitely been reduced.
The installers are very knowledgeable, efficient and hardworking and I would have no hesitation in recommending Solaflair to others.

– C Marshall, Sutherland

In February 2012, Rob and his assembly team installed a system of Photovoltaic cells on my roof for the microgeneration of electricity and to receive payments from SSE according to the  Feed-In Tariff.  They were more than amply supported by Lin, who cheerfully oiled every wheel and fulfilled every administrative need.
Rob brought to his task intelligence, wide knowledge and experience, attention to detail, good humour and a hard-working commitment.  I felt so well-looked-after as a customer. Every concern I expressed, whether for an opportunity to meet other customers, appointments on a particular day, help with filling in the FIT forms, clearing up at the end, or whatever else, was met with a good-hearted  keenness to do this particular job well. I have a beautiful and efficient solar roof which seems to be well fulfilling its carefully thought-through design potential. Furthermore I felt that Rob and Lin had become my friends.
I have been very satisfied with the installation. Thank you very much Solaflair and I wish you every success."

– C Wilson, Didcot

I am so pleased with my new, very efficient Logic boiler.  Solaflair coped with difficulties of an old house, were very friendly, polite, helpful and left leaving no site mess at all.  I would recommend them to anyone.

– C Wilson, Stadhampton

We recently had a boiler change, replacing an 18 year old Worcester to a new version, moving from the kitchen area to the attic.

Rob and his team  pitched up on the agreed date which unfortunately was an extremely hot day for working in the attic! everything went according to plan and we are delighted with the standard of workmanship.  Work was carried out with a minimum of disruption and a cheerful team considering the conditions on the day.

Well done Solaflair, we are delighted with the finished job and would not hesitate to recommend you.

– D Britten, Oxford

Being an Energy Consultant it was important for me to be seen to be doing what I advise others to do. I employed Solaflair to install a Solar Thermal panel to my home office. What started out as an additional benefit to my business has turned into a real plus for me and my family, giving us plenty of hot water and dramatically reducing our gas bills.

– I Maghounaki, Kidlington

We are very pleased to recommend the services of Solaflair. You took the trouble to explain how the PV system will work and then took all measures possible during the installation to avoid disruption to our home. The timing was perfect as we have just experienced one of the sunniest years on record and we are already seeing a very good reduction to our energy bills – and thank you for overcoming some of the unforeseen difficulties with our roof.  

– J Sacha, Bodicote

I was originally sceptical about how effective solar would be here in the UK but after taking advice from Solaflair decided to take the plunge and have a Solar Hot Water System fitted. Solaflair installed the system efficiently with minimal disruption and in no time at all I was using solar hot water. How I wish I had installed a solar panel years earlier. My gas bill has more than halved; the boiler gets switched off in March and doesn’t go back on again until the end of October, even then the panel can warm the water in winter so the boiler doesn’t have to heat the water from cold which means I am still saving on my bills during the winter months. An unexpected bonus is that I have now become much more aware of my water and electricity consumption and have since dramatically reduced my use of both.

– L Ainsworth, Oxford

SolaFlair have’ greened’ our house.
During November of 2011 Solaflair installed for us Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Ecocent (Indoor Air-source heat-pump) and a Multi Fuel Burning Stove. 
SolaFlair provided a good end to end service even while we changed our mind a little (e.g. during the installation of the Solar PV and Ecocent we asked to have a multi fuel burning stove installed and Solaflair suggested the Solar Thermal to reduce our running cost even further). 
We also asked them to install the bathroom for us but in the end we chose to save that as a ‘fun’  project for ourselves.
We are delighted with the work that Solaflair has done for us and their willingness  to adapt during the course of the project.

– Raoul van Eijndhoven, Faringdon

We have recently had an Ideal Vogue Boiler installed by Solaflair.  More than happy with both the system and the service.  The boiler was installed exactly when we were promised.   Rob and his team were clean, efficient respectful and polite, nothing was too much trouble.  We are delighted with the heating and the water supply from the new boiler.

– V & B Huxley, Didcot